Our Story

Thanks for stopping by!  We are Joyce and Kristen, the owners of Peak to Peak Flowers, a farmer-florist. We believe flowers make life more beautiful and we love seeing the joy bouquets of gorgeous flowers bring to others!  We have been friends for over 14 years and share a passion for flowers.  We both have extensive experience sustainably growing fruits and vegetables using a variety of techniques including hydroponics and organic soil.  We bring this in-depth knowledge to Peak to Peak Flowers and are excited to see what the future holds for us with flower farming!

Peak to Peak Flowers is a friend & family run flower farm specializing in growing sustainable, specialty cut flowers. This is our second season on the farm and we are excitedly anticipating an abundance of distinctive flowers this spring. In preparation for the coming season, we planted over 3,000 spring bulbs to get us started!  In addition, we will be sowing seeds like crazy in our high tunnel beginning in late winter/ Spring.

Joyce Sopinski

Joyce– I have been an avid gardener for as long as I can remember and that love of gardening has led me here to Peak to Peak Flower Farm.  I grew up in South Milwaukee Wisconsin and remember as a child walking to my swing set, I would always follow a path that first led me to my family garden.  Someone always had something growing!  

I now live in the mountains of Boulder and grow an extensive garden of vegetables and flowers at 8,000 ft elevation that I use to feed my family.  While I love growing my own food, flowers have always been my passion.  Knowing the amazing gardens that I have been able to grow in the rocky soil in the mountains, I am thrilled to now be farming at 5,000 ft elevation in Longmont!

In addition to owning Peak to Peak, I have 3 adult children who have all grown to love gardening and 2 grandchildren that I am excited to share this passion with!

Kristen Pozzi

Kristen– I’ve always had a love for flowers! I’m sure this was passed on from my mom. From as early as I can remember, I have loved seeing fresh cut flowers in our home and walking through my grandparents’ gardens to see what flowers were blooming.  For many years I have been intrigued by creating a more self-sufficient lifestyle and have grown my own vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  As a result of my desire to increase my knowledge about this lifestyle and my continuous search for the best products to use, my husband Jason & I decided to open an indoor gardening & hydroponics store Acme Hydroponics in 2010.  Creating Peak to Peak Flowers feels like a natural next venture for me.  In addition to owning Acme, Jason and I have 4 children.  Our kids love working in the garden, eating the fresh fruits and veggies (our harvest rarely makes it into the house) and picking flowers to bring into the house to enjoy on our kitchen table.

The youngest are learning “how to fill your bucket” in school. When your “bucket” is full you are happy!

Prior to opening Acme, I worked in the corporate world for about 10 years, but knew it wasn’t quite the right fit for me. There’s just something about watching the entire process from seed to flower that really “fills my bucket” both literally and figuratively. I enjoy filling buckets and buckets of flowers and seeing the joy they bring to others too.